The Galveston  District of the  U.S. Army  Corps  of  Engineers  is engaged in a complete re-evaluation  of  flood damage reduction measures for Clear Creek. Three other agencies representing constituents within the watershed are co-sponsoring the new study. These sponsors include the Harris County Flood Control District, Galveston County, and Brazoria Drainage District Number Four. Brazoria Drainage District Number Four recently re-joined sponsorship of the study. Their participation expanded the area that can be studied to include reaches of Clear Creek that lie within Brazoria County. 

The Corps is not committed to any pre-conceived plan, but is now considering all reasonable alternatives to the original proposal. The new study is expected to be completed in 2003.

The new study will completely re-evaluate options for a federally funded flood control plan developed many years ago. The original plan included deepening and widening Clear Creek to reduce serious flooding problems that have affected some area residents for over thirty years.

Numerous alternatives to the original proposal for Clear Creek have been raised by both project sponsors and private citizens. Alternatives under study involve a wide range of ideas. These include channelizing portions of Clear Creek and creating bypass channels and floodwater detention areas. Just as importantly, non-structural options such as buying out frequently flooded homeowners and raising structures are also being considered.

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