Goals for the Clear Creek Study

The study team working on the study has defined its goals as: 

Identifying and recommending an effective, affordable and environmentally sensitive flood damage reduction project for Clear Creek and conducting necessary engineering, economic and environmental studies in a timely manner in order to establish a viable project that is acceptable to the public, local sponsors and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

What are the Clear Creek Study Objectives?

  • Reduce riverine flood damages along Clear Creek and its tributaries. 
  • Maximize the net economic benefits of any identified flood control project. 
  • Avoid environmental impacts when possible; then minimize and mitigate unavoidable environmental impacts associated with any identified project. 
  • Recognize and consider the existing aesthetic qualities of Clear Creek. 
  • Identify recreational opportunities created by or impacted by any identified flood control project. 
  • Preserve cultural resources – minimize and mitigate unavoidable impacts to these resources.
  • Identify possible eco-friendly opportunities and implement where possible.

Taking a “No Action” Approach Will Be Considered

When the study is complete, the Corps must decide if a plan exists that provides sufficient benefits to warrant its continuing participation and support. If no acceptable, beneficial plan can be developed, the study team may recommend that “no action” be taken by the Corps. The Corps is required to examine this “no action” alternative as part of the study.

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