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Clear Creek Update 
January 2002

Clear Creek GRR Schedule Update

The schedule for preparing the General Reevaluation Report (GRR) has been revised. Currently, the GRR is scheduled for completion in 2004 instead of 2003. Reasons for extending the study include the collection of additional flood data from Tropical Storm Allison, contract issues, and extensive use of GIS technology to establish an inventory of structures (houses and businesses) in the floodplain.

The public will continue to be involved at interim points during the study, and additional public meetings will be scheduled. The study team is committed to balancing environmental sensitivity with sustainable flood damage reduction opportunities. The additional time added to the study reflects the thoroughness and completeness of the process for the reevaluation of Clear Creek.

Clear Creek CAC Takes Field Trip

A Clear Creek Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) was established by the local sponsors in 1997 to provide feedback to the study team on flood damage reduction options as the General Reevaluation Report (GRR) progresses. The CAC is made up of interested citizens and stakeholders, including area residents, public officials, environmental leaders, local engineers, and developers.

Twenty-eight people attended the field trip on Clear Creek in October 2001, including 13 members of the CAC, members of the Study Team from the Corps and local sponsor organizations as well as consultants working on the GRR.

The group has met several times, including three 2001 meetings in March, July and October.  The October meeting was a combination boat and bus trip to view key points along Clear Creek. Twenty-eight people attended the field trip, including representatives from the local sponsors, members of the Corps’ staff that serve on the Study Team, consultants working on the GRR, and 13 members of the CAC.

The field trip provided and opportunity for the CAC and the Study Team to see the creek characteristics and watershed together and to discuss flood damage reduction measures. Potential impacts of the various measures on the environment and the community were shared throughout the day. The trip was a success because the participants saw the creek and watershed first hand and learned the concerns and suggestions of others.

This trip and the CAC are one of many ways that the Study Team is reaching out to the public for its input. Three public meetings were held in 2001 (one in March and two in May) to gather citizen comments. The Clear Creek Project web site was launched in February 2001, and comments from citizens are received regularly from an interactive “comments” page.

Local Communities Participate in Purchase of Homes Flooded During Tropical Storm Allison

Due to the devastation from Tropical Storm Allison, many communities in the Clear Creek Watershed are partnering with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to purchase over 300 flood-prone homes. The following communities are participating and the number of homes involved is shown:

League City 1

Harris County Flood Control District has agreed to pay the local share for the approximately 70 homes in Harris County. The City of Friendswood has received assistance from Galveston County for their buyout program.

Due to special wording in federal legislation passed in 1999, construction work or buyouts can occur on Clear Creek without the risk of losing federal participation in a flood reduction plan.

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