Flood Control Tools

Flood Reduction Tools

The new study will consider a wide range of potential solutions, including various combinations of options, to reduce flood damage along Clear Creek. Some of the available tools are termed “structural” measures and some are called “non-structural”. Examples include, but are not limited to :

Non-structural “Tools”

  • Buyout of Structures including both residential and commercial buildings 
  • Flood-Proofing Structures including raising houses 
  • Flood Alerts including warnings and temporary evacuations 
  • Flood plain Management and Regulation prohibiting building in the flood plain and/or applying more stringent elevation criteria for new structures.
  • Use of Natural Processes for storm water management

Structural “Tools” 

  • Channelization widening, deepening, lining and/or clearing stretches of the creek 
  • Detention Facilities 
  • Bypass Channels 
  • Bridge Evaluations removing, replacing and modifying bridges 
  • Construction of Levees and/or Flood Walls
  • Building New Outlets and/or Transition Structures
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